The Concern

The sale of the 101-year-old course to a development group, a purchase completed in late December, worries neighbors, golfers and those wanting to preserve Garden City's largest piece of open space.

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More Than Golf

Once home to an amusement park, Plantation's 118 acres provide a haven for wildlife -- eagles, ospreys, cranes and deer -- and in high water runoff years, a check on Boise River flooding, giving excess flow a place to go.

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New: Update on Easements, Course Redesign and More

This lengthy (sorry) post will bring you up to date about the easement vacations before Garden City, the course redesign, project timelines and other items.

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The Issue Is Real

The fate of a historic and cultural resource should concern everyone interested in our community's heritage, the environment and, perhaps, the century of beauty we've taken for granted. Will Gustafson, a developer based in Southern California, has stated plans for commercial and residential development that could forever alter this community resource.

You can support the effort by donating and staying involved.

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