A Message from Will Gustafson and His Team

Friends — This note comes from Red Sky, the firm handling communications for Plantation’s new owner.
— Save Plantation Coalition

Will Gustafson, investor and developer with Glass Creek LLC, met with the Plantation Country Club Advisory Board this week to begin conversations with key stakeholders regarding the future of the property. He shared information on the early stages of assessing future opportunities and planning now that the sale of the property has been finalized.

Golf course architect Brian Curley of Schmidt-Curley Design will be on-site later this month to gather more information for the potential reconfiguration of the golf course. A small group of members will have the opportunity to meet with Brian during his visit. Survey stakes along the #10 fairway adjacent to State Street will be placed to indicate the estimated right-of-way needed by ACHD for the State Street widening and the approximate location of the new entry to the property. The stakes will be removed after Curley’s visit.

Also during January, several piezometers will be installed to measure groundwater levels over the next year, and a limited soil investigation with a truck-mounted drill rig will be conducted.

Gustafson and his local team look forward to upcoming conversations and collaboration with members, homeowners and community members to improve and extend the future of Plantation. Plantation Country Club members can look forward to regular communication and updates via the member website.

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