ACHD Delays State State-Pierce Park Project Until at Least 2022


Today the ACHD Commissioners considered a request from Steve Price, ACHD’s General Counsel, to delay the Pierce Park/State Street Intersection Improvement Project. Acceptance of the request would mean the project would be put off a year, perhaps longer.

The request was made in a Staff Report to the ACHD Board of Commissioners and ACHD Director Bruce S. Wong. The report discussed Glass Creek’s plan for future development along State Street and the reconfiguration of the golf course as an 18-hole golf course. Additionally, the report states that “Glass Creek seeks compensation from ACHD not only for the property being acquired as part of the Project, but also for the costs to reconfigure ….” the golf course. According to Glass Creek the report is inaccurate; their goal is that “reasonable compensation” is made for the property and a portion of the redevelopment costs caused by the intersection redesign.

As further reason for delaying the project, the Staff Report discusses the fiscal and programming impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, calling the impact “far-reaching and unknown to ACHD”.

As stated in the Staff Report, Glass Creek has been informed that ACHD is in a “holding pattern” on the Project and Glass Creek acknowledges that ACHD has the right to delay its project and has requested that ACHD continue to collaborate with Glass Creek as the Project proceeds.

Glass Creek advised the ACHD Commission that they have no issue with the Intersection Project being delayed.

Today the Commission approved an indefinite delay to the Pierce Park/State Street Intersection.

Hopefully, it will be held to a one-year delay. We will keep you informed as this situation progresses. Initially this means the golf course will remain basically in its current design for another year. The redesign of the course will be delayed along with the Pierce Park/State Street intersection project.

While we would like to see the redesign of the course move forward, a one-year delay could very well be a good thing for all. We have the golf course and the updated clubhouse area to enjoy. We all want the community at Plantation Golf Course that we love, and enjoy, to continue for ourselves and our loved ones. We want to be able to enjoy Plantation for decades in the future. We are not simply a golf course; Plantation is a community.

Thanks for your support,
Save Plantation Coalition