Big Update: Plenty of Plantation News


Recently we had the opportunity to spend some time with Bob Taunton to discuss the current projects and to find out if some of the rumors we’re hearing regarding future projects are accurate. Bob is the Project Manager for all things Plantation CC. Let’s start with the current projects. These involve the clubhouse, pool area, bocce ball courts and exercise room.

1. Clubhouse: Unless you’re a snowbird and have been gone all winter, you’ve seen considerable changes in the clubhouse. The bar and The Grill have been opened up with glass folding doors on the exterior walls and removal of the walls around where the popcorn machine was. A new back bar is being built and should be installed in the next month. New furniture is on order and coming soon. The carpet that was installed one year ago is history – a quality vinyl flooring that looks like wood will be installed in the bar, The Grill, the lobby, and the hallway to the fitness room.

2. Locker Rooms: The women’s and men’s locker rooms are to be remodeled. In fact, some work started on the women’s locker room this week.

3. Lobby: By far the biggest change will be the lift that will be installed in March. It will allow access to the 2nd floor for folks that find stairs difficult. Plus, it will make it easier to get large pieces to the upper floor. A nice addition that was not legally required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA.

4. 2nd Floor: The tiny bathrooms have been redone and, besides being nicer to go into, are basically built to ADA requirements. An outdoor deck overlooking the pool area is being added to the 2nd floor. It will be accessed from where in the past the buffet table has been set up.

5. Exercise Room: This is where the club storage area used to be. It has new flooring, electrical is being improved, and windows will be installed. Exercise equipment will be ordered soon.

6. Bocce ball courts: Two courts are well on their way to being completed. Lighting will be installed for evening events. Horseshoe pits are being considered as well.

7. Pool/Tennis & Pickleball courts: Two of the tennis courts will be converted to dedicated pickleball courts. One of the converted courts will be moved 30 feet towards #5 fairway with the area toward the pool becoming the kid’s splash pad area with water features and family style seating. There will be a new gathering area with seating by the tennis and pickleball courts. The bathrooms by the pool are being renovated to ADA standards. The building in the northeast corner of the pool area will be the snack shack with food and beverage service.

All the projects involving the clubhouse and surrounding areas are scheduled to be completed by May.

Plans for the new entryway to the club, which involves the Pierce Park/State Street intersection and the widening of State Street, are moving forward. Glass Creek, LLC will be paying the Ada County Highway District roughly $125,000 for the redesign of the intersection. This will not include the actual construction of the entryway, which is to be built to ACHD standards, but built and paid for by Glass Creek. ACHD expects to have the redesign of the intersection 95% complete by May. By the end of June, ACHD will provide Glass Creek an estimate of the cost involved for the additional construction associated with the redesign. Glass Creek will need to pay ACHD the amount estimated by the end of August. During this period ACHD will be able to determine exactly how much land they will need to purchase for the State Street Right of Way, and how much they will be paying for that land. The schedule for the start of the Pierce Park/State Street intersection has not changed. You can still expect ACHD to begin work in the fall/winter of 2020 timeframe. The project is in ACHD’s budget for fiscal year 2021 which begins October 1, 2020. ACHD has already purchased the home on the west end of Plantation Drive, demolished it, and is doing some utility work involving that purchase.

Now for the rumor regarding Glass Creek purchasing one of the islands in the Boise River and using it for two or three golf holes. It’s basically true. However, it’s a long shot that it will happen at all. It would not be a purchase of the island, but the State of Idaho would have to give a lease to Glass Creek for the island. It would be a lease similar to the lease Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course has for their floating green. Glass Creek, Will Gustafson (Plantation’s owner), and Brian Curley (golf course designer) are pretty excited about the possibility of having the last two or three holes on the island. It would allow for the course to retain some length and make for some spectacular finishing holes. Of course, there would have to be a bridge going to the island to get golfers and maintenance equipment to the island. Glass Creek is doing a lot of research on the feasibility of the project. You may have seen a drone flying around the area of the #5 fairway last week that was part of the study. From the drone they were able to create a base map showing the topography of the island. This was their first step in determining the feasibility of the project. Mr. Curley, the golf course architect, will be using the drone mapping to come up with a possible course design using the island. Among other things they are looking at historical water flow and what that would mean to the project. The island being considered by Glass Creek is a bit downstream of #16 tees and stretches down to about even with #4 green. Remember, this is only a possibility! We all know how the water level in the river affects the golf course in the winter/spring months. And even if it looks possible, the lease with the State would take a long time to negotiate and would require permits from numerous organizations. Long time members of Plantation may remember in the 1970s a project was considered which involved the island near #16 tee box. That project was discarded.

Finally, what about the development along State Street? What will be going in there? Because of the unknowns, that is — how much land ACHD will be taking and the possible island project — Glass Creek has not determined exactly what the development will involve. Things that are mentioned include apartments, town homes, service/commercial office space, a coffee shop, even a hotel. Their intention is to have the development complement the golf course. In order to get the required permits the development will need to comply with the State Street Corridor plan.

Quoting from the COMPASS (Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho) webpage: “The project encourages less sprawl, mixed use development (housing and businesses closer together), and multiple transportation options.” The State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan (TTOP) is a multi-part technical study completed in 2010, with all documents posted on the Valley Regional Transit (VRT) website.  You can get more information on the future of State Street from downtown Boise to I-84 on VRT’s website

Plantation is a beautiful green space. It’s a wonderful community. It is unlike anything in the Treasure Valley. We will continue to keep you informed as to what is proposed for Plantation.

Be aware it could be as late as June before a development plan is submitted to the city. Watch for updates.

Thanks for your interest,

Save Plantation Coalition