Coalition to Put Open Space Effort on Hold

The Save Plantation Coalition will put on hold the drive for an open space law for Garden City, allowing developer Will Gustafson’s team time to complete plans for limited development of Plantation and the reconfiguration of the golf course.

The coalition steering committee responded March 4, 2019 to a request from the developer, who says a preliminary plan for development and a redesigned, 18-hole golf course will be available by mid-year. Mr. Gustafson and his project manager, Bob Taunton, called the proposed ordinance a distraction that hindered their planning. The coalition’s move is made in the spirit of cooperation and comes with the expectation that the developer will support the preservation of remaining open space after the project is completed.

Since acquiring Plantation in late December, Mr. Gustafson has expressed plans for commercial development along State Street with the potential of a couple of locations of small-footprint, residential development. The golf course will continue, and Mr. Taunton said the developer has committed roughly $350,000 in ongoing upgrades to clubhouse, including the kitchen, interior remodeling, landscaping and parking lot. Jayson has posted the schedule for these improvements on the web page. Noted golf course architect Brian Curley will revamp the course, which will likely be a few strokes shorter.

If the proposed development project is too intense or otherwise destroys the best of Plantation, the coalition would refile the proposed ordinance and staunchly oppose the development project at each level of consideration by Garden City.

The coalition steering committee knows not everyone will support putting the ordinance on hold but we believe a cooperative relationship with the new owner will produce the best outcome. At this point, all we lose is some time because we retain the same rights to pursue the ordinance and to oppose development plans at the Design Review Committee, the Planning & Zoning Commission and the City Council – if the need arises.

We hope to work closely with Mr. Gustafson and Mr. Taunton in coming weeks to pursue a project that allows Plantation to continue as a viable, financially stronger course, one with a new and purportedly more-interesting layout.

Again, we appreciate your ongoing support and ask you to stay aware and involved as we advocate for the best outcome for Plantation to Keep Garden City Green.

Save Plantation Coalition

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