Updated Concept Course Redesign Released

Updated Plantation Redesign 07.19.19
July 19, 2019 Plantation Golf Course Redesign -- Lower Resolution. Click on image to see larger version.

Update, July 19, 2019: A revised sketch of the proposed redesign for Plantation Golf Course has been released by Glass Creek LLC and Brian Curley. There are two viewing options: a high-resolution file, which shows sharp detail but may be slow to download and display, and a lower-resolution version, which is not as sharp but will load easily.

The new sketch keeps the course at a par 68 but adds 110 yards to the length, bringing it to 5,664, compared to the first drawing. Considerable changes have been made to Nos. 8 and 9, which are now par 4s instead of being a 3 and 5, respectively. Also, there is an event lawn near the clubhouse and the maintenance facility has moved west toward No. 16, among other changes.

Original July 12, 2019 post: Over the last two days, Plantation owner Will Gustafson and golf course architect Brian Curley presented to the membership the proposed Plantation Golf Course improvement project.
A few things are particularly interesting:

  1. The only development depicted is along State Street. It does include more than the current #10 hole, but there are no other areas of development shown. Slightly more than 16 percent of the Plantation property

    Plantation Redesign Concept
    Click on image to see full-sized version.

    will be lost to development.

  2. With this loss of area, the course will naturally need to be shortened and par reduced. The Curley design calls for a course of 5,554 yards from the back tees and a par 68. Using the yardages from the current card, the middle tees will be approximately 95 percent of the back tees, or roughly 5,277 yards; the forward tees will be approximately 88 percent of the back tees, or roughly 4,888 yards.
  3. There are new ponds/lakes built into the course, which will provide material to raise the fairways, in particularly low spots which currently flood. It will also give some protection to homes along the fairways.
  4. With the current design, the starting hole would be the current #6. Some thought is being given to how the pro shop would manage the tee sheet from its current location. Suggestions include cameras, and a starter station on the weekends and busier days.
  5. Options are being considered to lengthen the new #11 to around 350 yards.

Will Gustafson has asked for any comments or suggestions to be sent to Jayson Peterson at gm@plantationcc.com. Click here to see the design.

  1. The course would be closed for one golf season while construction is done.
  2. The club house area work may be done prior to the start of the golf course work. This would include a new 50-yard, screened-in practice area, putting green, and possibly bocce ball courts.Assuming ACHD holds true to working on the Pierce Park intersection in fiscal 2021, which is very likely, construction could begin as early as fall of 2020. With that starting date, spring of 2022 would be the probable completion date for the golf course.To see some of the courses Brian Curley has designed you can go to the web site www.schmidt-curley.com. Mr. Curley will spend a few days at Plantation, playing the course and meeting members sometime around September of this year. This will allow him to get a better feel of the existing course and club experience. Also, he will be coming to Plantation monthly during the construction phase to ensure the course is built to his specifications.

The Garden City Comprehensive Plan revision is currently stalled at the City Council. No further hearing has been scheduled at this time. The city is negotiating an impact fee with North Ada County Fire & Rescue, which affects the planned emergency services. Once that fee is approved the city can move forward with the Comprehensive Plan consideration. Getting Plantation designated Future Open Space/Park is important for protecting the golf course for the future. The designation has been recommended by the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission, the Design Review Committee and a citizens study group. We will keep you advised when something is scheduled.

Garden City has sent out an Official Notice of Intent to Approve the Design of the new entryway. A public hearing will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 24th at City Hall. This is largely a procedural step and not the final word; ACHD has the final say in approving Glass Creek’s application to connect to the intersection. We’ll let you know more when we do.

2 thoughts on “Updated Concept Course Redesign Released”

  1. There has been much buzz about the proposed golf course redesign from homeowners and golfers. It does present a more positive picture than our worst fears. However, we can’t take our eye off the main issue to Save Plantation as open space for aesthetic, cultural, historical and environmental preservation. While the developers state that “only” 16% of the property will be “lost to development”, take a second look at how much of the property is involved, considerably more than just the #10 hole needed for State Street expansion and much greater than a small commercial development along State Street. In the overhead picture look at the D & B Property on Glenwood Street and compare the size of that structure to the “future planned development” area of 16%. Imagine that area filled with condos, apartments, homes and maybe a few commercial buildings. Also notice the re-location of what the developer terms a “ditch”, which is actually a riparian area that currently supports several varieties of wildlife. Once this 16% of the property is is developed, Plantation will no longer have deer, fox, turkey or other wildlife. I’m concerned that we are being led down a path, given piece-meal smoke-screen information step by step, without revealing the big picture, of which I am sure they have plans.

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