We anticipate new hearing dates for the proposed Open Land Ordinance at the Design Review Committee, the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Garden City Council in coming weeks but nothing firm has been set at this time. The hearings set for November 5, November 21 and December 10 have been delayed.

City officials requested additional information in support of the ordinance application, and the Save Plantation Coalition legal team is revising the proposal. At the same time, we have requested information from the city about how Plantation was designated as park/open space in the Comprehensive Plan, the city's guiding document for what Garden City is supposed to be, but designated as R-2 in the city's Zoning Ordinance, which would allow development of up to six homes per acre.

In concept, the zoning is supposed to implement the vision represented in the plan but the city lacks any category for open land in the current development code. The proposed Open Land Ordinance would establish a new category in the city's development code for open land, and also define what could be done on land designated as open space in terms of the allowable uses (homes on large lots, etc.) and the potential types and intensities (number of units, height, etc.) of any possible projects.

Check back here for updates on upcoming hearings and other information.