OK — So Where Are We Now?


As the redesign of Plantation moves forward there seems to be
several balls in the air. And, there is some confusion regarding most of these balls. Here’s what we know.

Vacating of Easements around #16 tee box.

On July 8th the City Council approved vacation of a sewer easement that is not in use. At the same meeting, due to a lack of a second, vacation of a 15-foot Access Easement was denied. On July 17th JoAnn Butler, attorney for Glass Creek, sent a letter to the City stating that the City Council had acted illegally in not approving the vacating.

(Click here to see Ms. Butler's letter.)

While it is still somewhat unclear as to exactly why Glass
Creek wants to vacate two easements on #16 tee box, Ms. Butler wrote:

“Since purchasing Plantation in December 2018, Glass Creek has sought to remove existing title encumbrances that are not in use and/or that solely benefit Glass Creek. The removal of such title
encumbrances will assist this private property owner in connection with the redesign of Plantation.”

There are other easements in the area of #16 tee box. There is a 20-foot waterline easement where the water is brought over from the south side of the river. It is still an active easement and was not affected by the vacating of the two easements. There is also a 10-foot drainage easement, a 30-foot sewer public utilities and drainage easement, and a 20-foot drainage easement all in the area which were not affected by the recent vacation. The certified letter telling homeowners about the request to vacate the easements was unclear. The drawing in the application is fairly clear, easier to understand, and shows all easements in the area.

(Click here to see Glass Creek's vacation request.)

Pierce Park/State Street Intersection and widening
of State Street

This is the issue that takes away #10 and #9 fairways. As part of ACHD’s grand plan to widen and improve State Street this intersection is being brought into current ACHD’s design requirements. As the intersection was originally designed by ACHD the entryway into Plantation was largely to be left as-is with access into the club limited to strictly a right turn from eastbound State Street. Cars leaving the club would be limited to a right turn onto State Street.

Glass Creek sees this as a serious inconvenience to members and Savannah Lane homeowners. They have asked ACHD to allow a change to the design making the Pierce Park intersection a 4-way intersection with a new entry for Plantation on the south side.
The design, which was presented to the Plantation membership some time ago, is moving forward. A formal agreement is to be drawn up between ACHD and Glass Creek and approved by December 12, 2019. Glass Creek will be responsible for covering the cost of the redesign.

According to the early drawings of the entryway, construction will meet ACHD standards. That will allow the entryway to possibly be accepted as a public road by ACHD at some time in the future. Glass Creek could opt out of the strict ACHD standards which would mean the entryway would always be a private road. There are pros and cons to both scenarios. Either way, Savannah Lane residences would have a permanent easement for access to the entryway.

The early drawing of the entryway does not show any access to
the future development along State Street. Obviously, the design in still being worked on. The other questions that come up when looking at the new entryway include: What will be the development along State Street? We hear rumors of townhomes, or condos, or retail, or a mix of all. As mentioned in the recent Statesman article, there is some question as to exactly how much of the Plantation property ACHD will require for their project. Apparently the 21-feet is a good number for most of the length of the property, however up to 40 feet in one area is a possibility. Whatever the final amount is, the land ACHD will require definitely means all the trees along State Street will be removed.

Refurbishment of the Club House/Pool/Surrounding

The work being done in these areas is very encouraging. All of
it has been a big improvement and gives everyone a better feeling that Glass Creek will do things right as they move forward with the remodeling projects. Will Gustafson and Karen have been seen at the club making notes about things that need to change and getting things done.

We continue to hear more is coming. Things like a bocce ball court, fitness room, sand volleyball, and a golf warm up area. Time will tell.

Design of the renovated Golf Course

The latest design shows a 5,664-yard, par 68 golf course with
7 par 3s and 3 par 5s. Not everyone is delighted with those changes. The positive is that, first: there will still be an 18-hole golf course; and, second: the renowned golf course architect, Brian Curley, is working on it. Mr. Curley has taken note of comments made by members and made some changes from the original June drawing. If you have comments or concerns on the design you can send them to Jayson Petersen at gm@plantationcc.com. He will forward them to Will Gustafson and Brian Curley.

If you’re interested, Brian Curley’s web page is www.schmidt-curley.com.

Timing - When will this all happen?

This is our best guess. You can verify things with Jayson or Will as you see them around the club.

Ongoing through the summer of 2020 --Work will continue around
the club house, pool, and surrounding area.

Fall 2019 – ACHD will set its budget for FY2020. This will be when they begin to negotiate with Glass Creek and other businesses affected by the Pierce Park/State Street interchange work for the property needed to complete the project.

Fall 2020 – ACHD will begin the work on the intersection. Glass Creek will begin work on the entryway to coordinate with ACHD.

Winter 2020 – Work on the golf course will begin.

Spring 2022 – Play will begin on the new Plantation Golf Course.

What is the Save Plantation Coalition planning?  What is the Goal?

Quite simply, we want to ensure that there is a golf course here at Plantation for the future. This means beyond the Glass Creek ownership period. We want to work with Glass Creek as their currently laid out development plans exist, with the caveat that the golf course itself is protected in some manner from ever being developed.

We apologize for the length of this email but felt it necessary to clarify some of the issues we hear on a daily basis.

Thanks for your Support,

Save Plantation Coalition

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  1. As I write this on Thursday, September 19, 2019 I remain very concerned about the potential loss of open space that is Plantation Golf Course. The owner of the golf course has indicated he wants to develop the golf course property facing State Street. Once this open space is lost, it is conceivably lost forever. The importance of open space can’t be overemphasized. Just today, 9/19/2019, CNN posted a report entitled “US and Canada have lost 2.9 billion birds since 1970.” That report states: “human impacts on the continent’s environment mean it can no longer support the wildlife systems it once did.” It’s clear that wildlife need open space, such as the open space provided by the current Plantation Golf Course. Did you know that all the old growth trees lining State Street will be cut down to make way for widening on State Street by ACHD. What public hearing was held to determine the trees fate? Do we really need more development along State Street? Do we really need more traffic congestion on State Street? Widening lanes of traffic on State Street to accomodate more vehicles will generate more traffic, more noise, more pollution and less wildlife. The same is true of developing the Plantation Golf Course: More noise, more congestion and less wildlife. This will result in a deteroriating quality of life for us all. Is this what we want? Is this the legacy we want to leave to the next generation? Currently, Garden City’s motto is “Nestled By the River.” Don’t let Garden City become “Congested By The River!”

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