Plantation Gets Open Space Recommendation; Support Needed for May 13th Meeting

The Planning & Zoning Commission on Wednesday, April 17th, supported the “Future Park/Open Space” designation for Plantation and forwarded the Comprehensive Plan Update to the City Council. The plan remains as recommended by the citizen’s working group and amended by the Design Review Committee.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting.It was very impressive when nearly everyone in the audience stood when Craig Quintana asked for a show of support for designating Plantation as Open Space. The commission saw we have overwhelming backing.

The City Council hearing is scheduled for May 13th at 6 p.m. As of today, the Comprehensive Plan is the only item on the agenda.

We need even more support for the Council meeting. Will Gustafson’s team will fight hard to have the designation changed to “Future Planning Area”, putting Plantation a step closer toward development without producing any plan. We want to demonstrate that this historic piece of property that we love should be designated as Open Space/Park/Golf Course, which is what it has been for a century. We need to have this green space protected, and the designation gives us leverage to push for the best outcome.

Again – our thanks go out to those who attended; it was a very long night, but it worked out to our liking. See you May 13th. 

Thanks for your support,

Save Plantation Coalition

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