Plantation Part of Nov. 5th City Council Vote

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, November 5th two spots on the Garden City Council will be filled. These positions are important as we look forward to the time when the members and homeowners of Plantation CC find it necessary to plead their case for maintaining the golf course and green/open space within Garden City. Garden City is unique. It is a small city nestled between much larger cities, yet it has many of the same issues. The next few years will bring many challenges to the City and will require a strong City Council.

There are five people running for the two open positions. Of the five running, there are three that should be considered. Earlier this week the Master HOA Board interviewed these three candidates. Members of the Coalition sat in on the interviews. Here’s a brief run down on each of the three and information on where you can get additional information.

Pam Beaumont: Pam is the veteran city councilwoman having been on the council for 14 years. She has serious ties to Plantation, having played the course for roughly 50 years. Her Treasurer for the campaign is Mary Jo Nyblad, a member of Plantation CC. Pam is an extremely active councilwoman. She is not one to sit and watch others do the work. She volunteers on the Garden City Urban Renewal Agency, she is President of the Garden City Visitor Bureau, founding Board member of the Redevelopment Association of Idaho, and the list goes on. She is a supporter of open space in Garden City. More information about Pam Beaumont is available on her Facebook page.

Wendy Carver-Herbert: This is Wendy’s first run at becoming a councilwoman. She has considerable experience in the business world and would like to offer her expertise to the Garden City City Council. She believes strongly in open communication having been Vice President of Corporate Communications for Western Union. She is a public relations and marketing professional and operates, on a part time basis, her own small business of offering consulting to other businesses on PR and Marketing subjects. During the legislative session she works as a Legislative Attache for the Idaho House of Representatives where she has served as the recording secretary for the Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee. Wendy’s goal for Garden City is to make it even more of a vibrant, livable city than it is today while maintaining the open spaces. She considers herself a neighborhood advocate, believing in property rights while protecting the adjoining neighborhoods. Wendy has demonstrated her capacity for hard work and getting educated on a variety of subjects to improve her performance. For more information check out Wendy’s webpage.

James Page: James was appointed to the City Council in August of this year by the mayor. He earned a BA in Criminal Justice at BSU and a law degree from Concordia University School of Law. James has been on the Garden City Planning and Zoning Commission since October 2014. He has worked for the Idaho Department of Corrections and later at the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole. He now operates his own law firm and Ascertain Polygraph Services, LLC., both in Garden City. James feels his time on the Planning and Zoning Commission developed his understanding of land use issues. He believes in strict adherence to the newly revised comprehensive plan in order to protect Garden City’s limited green spaces. He would like to see a city that provides a variety of housing opportunities for everyone, from first-time home buyers to the mature homeowners. You can learn more about James here.

All three candidates expressed their support for Plantation homeowners and for the Plantation golf course and country club. That said, they each noted the importance of property rights for the property owner. While they would like to see Plantation remain a golf course for all time, none offered an easy solution to ensuring this happens. Each and every one of them encourages strong, polite testimony in favor of this green space we call our community of Plantation when faced with disruptive development. We all know, as do all three candidates, there will be some sort of development along State Street. Our goal is to provide a path towards maintaining the golf course for the generations to come.

The Save Plantation Coalition does not feel strong enough about which two candidates should be elected to fill the positions to offer our full support. Each candidate has strong points; each has areas which we consider weaknesses. Therefore, we are leaving the decision of whom to vote for to you. Any two of these three candidates would work well. The two candidates not mentioned in this email should not be considered for election.

While some of you may feel that any incumbent should be voted out, the Coalition doesn’t feel that way. In fact, it’s not possible since two of the three are running as incumbents. We encourage you to look at additional information on the candidates on the sites given in this email.

Be Sure to Vote November 5th!

Thanks for your Support

Save Plantation Coalition