Plantation Through the Years


Here’s a little history of the Plantation Golf Course, now known as The River Club.

Back in August 2019 Will Gustafson and his team made a presentation to the Garden City Chamber of Commerce and provided them with a bit of history.  The Chamber meeting was roughly 8-months after Will and Glass Creek, LLC purchased the golf course.  It is a short but very interesting PowerPoint presentation that gives dates for some of the major events in the life of the course. 

Early on the area was a popular picnic area called Pierce Park that had a lake where the picnicker that traveled by train from Boise could rent boats.  Over the roughly one hundred years the golf course came into being.  Eventually subdivisions were built which required rerouting of the golf holes.  The driving range gave way to townhouses and then the offices on Glenwood were built.   Eventually the layout of the course evolved into what it is today.

Read the Power Point:

More history can be read on the History tab of this website.