Please Support ‘Open Space’ at City Council on July 8th

A little over a month ago, the Garden City Council postponed a scheduled hearing on the update to the 2006 Comprehensive Plan. The hearing has now been scheduled for July 8th at 6 p.m.

The official notice read:
THE FOLLOWING ITEMS WILL BE CONSIDERED IN A QUASI JUDICIAL HEARING AT GARDEN CITY IDAHO: CPAFY2018-7: City of Garden City is requesting an amendment of the Garden City 2006 adopted Comprehensive Plan in order to identify significant changes in the community since the Plan was adopted, amend the plan to reflect the completion of implementation actions, amend and add to the Goals, Policies and Strategic Actions to reflect changing priorities, ensure compliance with state statutes, and amend the land use map.

Application materials can be found at:

NOTE: Please send comments to Garden City Development Services by Tuesday, July 2, 2019. If you do not respond by this date it will be considered “No Comment.” It is the responsibility of those interested and/or affected jurisdictions to schedule their own applicable meeting. In some cases, Garden City's applications are processed before other jurisdictions’ response, and the conditions of approval state that the approval is subject to statutory requirements of affected other jurisdictions. Please address your comments to the applicant as well as Development Services Department or Development Services Department, 6015 N. Glenwood St., Garden City, Idaho 83714.

Garden City Development Services
City of Garden City
p: 208-472-2921
f: 208-472-2926
a: 6015 Glenwood Street, Garden City, ID 83714

We need to continue to demonstrate our desire to protect the future of the golf course. The current update of the Comprehensive Plan designates the Plantation Property as “Future Park/Open Space”. While the Comprehensive Plan does not change the zone category, it is a step toward protecting the golf course for future generations. It is something we need to see happen. Recently Bob Taunton, project manager for Glass Creek LLC, stated that Glass Creek supports the rewrite of the Comprehensive Plan as sent to the City Council. However, we need to show the overwhelming support of the homeowners, Plantation members, open space advocates, and others to keep Garden City’s largest green space, the Plantation Golf Course. Besides attending the hearing on July 8th, you can help by writing letters to the City Council with a copy to

Mayor John Evans,
Council President Pam Beaumont,
Member Elfreda Higgins,
Member William Mitchell,
Member Jeff Souza,

We look forward to seeing many of you at the City Council meeting on July 8th at 6 p.m.

Homeowners in the Plantation HOA area recently received a letter by certified mail from Garden City, Development Services Department. It had to do with the owner of the Plantation Golf Course asking the city to vacate two easements within the area of hole #16. The application to the city requesting the vacating of these two easements can be seen online at the Garden City web page under the City Council meeting agenda. The Plantation HOA has asked the Garden City city engineer to determine if the Sewer and Water Easement was truly never used. The 15-foot Access Easement does not appear to be an issue since the owner of the easement is Plantation Golf Course. Coincidentally, these items are on the agenda for the City Council meeting July 8th along with the Comprehensive Plan hearing. We will keep you informed of any developments.

Thanks for your support.

Save Plantation Coalition