Scam Alert! Beware Bogus Bills


We want to warn you about a scam using the Save Plantation Coalition’s email. As of this morning, we’ve had nine reports of people getting messages from telling the recipient they owe amounts for the services of Craig Quintana. (And if there have been nine reported emails, we assume there have been others that people have ignored.)

Please do not respond to these messages — even to tell the sender where to go. No use letting them know they’ve got somebody on the line.

No billing has gone out on the coalition’s email and never will. Please regard any such message as fraud and toss it into the e-trash.

On a more positive note, the coalition has met with a land-use planner to refile the Open Space Ordinance with Garden City. In coming weeks, we hope to report the date, time and place for the required neighborhood meeting and the subsequent dates for hearings with the city.

As previously discussed, we’re moving ahead with the ordinance for two reasons: 1) we want to ensure the long-term future of Plantation as primarily green space, 2) we want to keep Will Gustafson and his development team motivated to deal. We continue to be pleased with what we hear from the new owner, but even if his plans for limited development — primarily the State Street frontage — come to pass, the remainder of Plantation will need to be preserved for the future. That’s something the ordinance can guarantee.

Again, thanks for your ongoing support.

Save Plantation Coalition