Status of Lots on the #16 Tee Box


It has been a year since we communicated with everyone. Mostly because it has been quiet except for all the work being done on and around the club house and pool.

That said, those of you that live in the Plantation subdivision received a letter in early June regarding Glass Creek’s request for the Garden City city council’s approval of the 4 lot subdivision where the #16 tee box is currently located. The application calls out 3 residential lots and 1 common lot. The application is titled: SUBFY2020-6.

The application has proceeded through the normal process required by Garden City. The City Council will take up the request for approval of the final plat at their meeting on Monday, June 28th at 6 p.m. The entire application can be viewed on the Garden City web page at When on that page, scroll down and click on the item “SUBFY2020-06 Final Plat Submittal 06022021”. The meeting will be available on Zoom, the link will be on the City Council agenda a day or two prior to the meeting.

As we mentioned in our last communication a year ago, Glass Creek and the residents most affected by the development have worked out most of their concerns. In general, the new lots would not significantly affect the golf course. The new tee box being built next to #15 green is a temporary tee box which will be used when the infrastructure work is being done on the development. When the work begins on the redesign of the entire course the temporary tee box will be eliminated as permanent changes are made to #15 green and #16 tee box.

Approval of the final plat for this subdivision should be considered a minor adjustment to the golf course. It does not allow a road connecting Plantation River Drive and Gramarcy Lane. Access to the homes would be through a driveway with the entrance at the cul-de-sac on Gramarcy Lane.

Looking forward; we anxiously await the time when ACHD has completed the design of the Pierce Park/State Street intersection (scheduled April 2022), and when Glass Creek can begin the construction of the redesign of the golf course (2023 maybe?).

Thanks for your continued support.
Save Plantation Coalition