The Coalition Continues Its Plantation Advocacy


We want to update you on the latest in the effort to Save Plantation.

The Coalition continues to talk with Will Gustafson, the course’s new owner, and his team. Mr. Gustafson has said he wants to pursue limited development, primarily along State Street, with perhaps a couple of spots of residential development. He said he would like to reconfigure and keep Plantation as an 18-hole course, and has brought in a noted golf course architect, Brian Curley, to look over Plantation and potentially revamp the layout. A few people from the Coalition, as well as several Plantation Golf Course members, were invited to meet with Mr. Curley on Wednesday for an introductory session.

Changes Beyond Development

(For those who may not know, No. 10 was going to be impacted over the next several years by two Ada County Highway District projects – the State Street/Pierce Park intersection rebuild (2021) and the State Street widening (2026-2030, so some amount of change is inevitable.)

We welcome Mr. Gustafson’s statements but will also wait for some proof – as in a detailed plan in a development application – before we call off our efforts. It’s the most conservative approach and the one that will lead to the best outcome for Plantation.

Still Pursuing Open Space

Accordingly, we continue to pursue an Open Space preservation ordinance for Garden City. We will soon refile our ordinance, holding a neighborhood meeting and conducting public outreach as part of the process the city wants us to pursue. Even if we come to agreement with Mr. Gustafson – something we would very much like to occur –
the ordinance could provide long-term protection for Plantation, which is currently zoned as R-2, or low density (up to 6 units/acre) residential. The new protection could cover the remainder of the course after the development is done, ensuring the historical, cultural and environmental value of this century-old community resource is maintained.

Please stay engaged as we work with Mr. Gustafson and his team and also pursue the changes to Garden City law. As always, we appreciate the continued support.

Save Plantation Coalition

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  1. Sounds like a somebody is getting suckered, and it’s not Gustafson. Greed does incredible things to people.

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