Update: Three-Home Development Proposed Near River by No. 16


On Saturday Jayson Peterson, the General Manager at Plantation Country Club, sent out an email to the membership letting us know of the plans to develop 3 home sites on what is now #16 tee box (see illustration below).

It certainly doesn’t look like there is room on that tee box for 3 home sites, but we have been told the lots would be approximately 12,000 square feet in size and the homes as large as 4,000 square feet. All the building sites would be the required 70 feet from the river.

The changes required to the course would be the redesign of #15 green and a change to the #16 tee boxes. The preliminary drawings show a change to the ponds, which could definitely use some work. Glass Creek has told us one of their goals is to clean up the water in the ponds and keep the ponds full.

Garden City has required Glass Creek to go through a complete application process. That includes a complete Design Review, neighborhood meetings, Planning and Zoning, and City Council approval prior to construction.

According to Glass Creek this is the only development, other than the future development along State Street, that they are considering. The remainder of the golf course will remain an 18-hole golf course. As we have been for over a year, we will continue to monitor the progress and attempt to keep you all informed of the changes being considered and the progress being made.

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The following is the message from Glass Creek, LLC, owner of Plantation Country Club:

April 11, 2020

Dear Members,

In an effort to be transparent with our members we wanted to make you aware of a proposed change to the golf course. Glass Creek, LLC, owner of the Plantation Country Club, has submitted to Garden City for a “Design Review” to review a site plan for three custom infill lots. The site is located at the south end of Hole #16 adjacent to the Boise River between N. Plantation River Dr. and W. Gramarcy Ln.

Infill proposal

The proposed custom infill lot development is consistent with the Garden City Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designation of Residential Low Density and the R-2 Low Density Residential Zoning and Development standards.

At the request of City staff, Glass Creek is proposing public ped/bike/golf cart connectivity between W. Gramarcy Ln. and Plantation River Dr. via a portion of the relocated golf cart path. Public use is subject to Homeowners Association approving public access through the 10’ pedestrian walkway easement on Lot 90. If not approved by the Association, public access will be denied, and the existing safety fence will remain on the golf course at the walkway on Lot 90.

Brian Curley, the golf course architect engaged by Glass Creek, has prepared a concept design for the reconfiguration of the green on existing hole #15 (future hole #6) and redesign of existing hole #16 (future hole #7) to fit with the planned lot improvements. His concept enhances the golf experience and improves the function and appearance of the two existing and poorly functioning ponds.

Although development on the lots may commence prior to the overall golf course reconfiguration, it will have minimal impact on play. A new or temporary tee box will be constructed prior to closure of the old tee boxes. The pond and # 15 green re-shaping will be done at a later date during the overall golf course reconfiguration.

Again, we wanted to share this information to be as transparent as possible. We will keep you posted of the timing as we progress.

Proposed development and course reconfiguration
(Concept Design with Lot Improvements)

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  1. Where is an update on this project from the Save Plantation Coalition? I understand the application for this development continues to be considered by Garden City (Planning and Zoning Commission). Many neighbors are concerned about this proposed development, and with good reason (i.e. flood plain issues, loss of open space, environmental and wildlife impacts, legal right to develop said property within HOA/subdivision rules, etc.).

    For those of you who are interested in the impact this proposed development will have to one of Garden City’s last remaining open space lands, which has defined our community’s quality of life for more than a century, I provide for you the following information about the Garden City Planning and Zoning Commission’s public hearing/meeting set for Wednesday, July 15th regarding this proposed development:

    ~ AGENDA ~
    Planning & Zoning Commission
    6:30 PM
    Wednesday, July 15, 2020
    City Hall – Council Chambers
    6015 Glenwood Street, Garden City, Idaho
    Meeting can be accessed remotely. To view the meeting, please follow the link below:
    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 818 858 8340

    A: SUBFY2020 – 6: Bob Taunton with Glass Creek is proposing a four lot
    (three residential lots, one common lot) subdivision within a portion of the
    Plantation Golf Course. The property is located at 6515 W. State Street,
    Garden City, ID 83714; Ada County Parcel #R7100480125. Continued from
    June 17, 2020

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