Welcome to the Save Plantation Coalition’s Webpage

We appreciate your interest in this topic, which we obviously think is important to our community on many levels -- historical, cultural and environmental. Please look around the site to find out what's going on and how you can get involved. Please consider letting Garden City Officials know that you care about open space.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Save Plantation Coalition’s Webpage”

    1. Please,This can’t happen I am 4 generation Idahoan I worked there in the 70″s. It’s part of our history ,Why is our state turning into California.

  1. I will do what it takes to fight having Plantation golf course turned into commercial development. Keeping the green space is so important: the trees, the wildlife, the wetlands… a true commodity for Garden City and west Boise.

  2. We want to make sure as many people as possible know about this potential development. From what I can find on the internet, this fellow has done this before. He comes in with “golf-community friendly” sounding name for his LLC (like Synergy Golf Partnerships), says he wants to maintain the golf club and at least 2 instances that I can find either intentionally or unintentionally mismanaged the Club and courses so that it falls into disrepair and is no longer desirable. Then, he builds! There does not appear to be true positive intent with this model and pattern. There are at least 9 of these inactive LLCs out there. If I were the local partner, I’d disassociate myself pronto!

  3. I’m on board to help protect our history. Looking forward to the coming comments and things we can do to help.

  4. Excellent informational meeting held at Plantation last evening, October 25, with a FABULOUS turn out! A couple of points to reiterate:

    1) Our first and best initial strategy is the Open Space ordinance that will go before Planning & Zoning and City Council. Please watch for the dates and attend the meetings! Your support and that of other citizens is vital.

    2) Though we are all very passionate about this, our best opportunity for influencing a WIDE group of citizens and the elected officials to keep the space open and developed as it is, is to be respectful of the other side, especially in public comments; Deal in facts, not emotions; and be faithful to our organized efforts to counter this potential development effort and help where ever you can. Speaking in one voice strengthens the message.

    3) We want to encourage as broad a group as possible to support the open space and the benefits to the wildlife and habitat. Appealing to this broader constituency is vital to success in turning back this potential development plan.

    4) Finally, respond to the “call for action” when the timing is right. Sometimes, it makes sense to wait and other times the need is immediate. Keep checking back here for updates.

    Thanks to the folks heading up the Coalition. You are appreciated!

  5. In addition to the previous comments, I hope local schools ( including Boise State) that utilize the course for their golf programs can have an input to the importance of maintaining Plantation. The summer programs and jobs available to local youths include tennis, golf and swimming and are well participated in by valley wide youth and parents. This facility has an impact on many levels of our community and is not likely to be replicated for the variety of uses, especially in Garden City.

  6. Just look at what California is today; a real mess in many ways. The only real reason the developer wants to come to Boise is to start the process of turning our city to into like so many down there; they don’t care about Boise, it’s just about making more money and leave the mess behind.

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