What to Know about Recent Glass Creek Applications


Things have been pretty quiet regarding the development/redesign of the golf course for some time.  Hence, no emails from Save Plantation.  Well, Glass Creek has recently made a couple of applications to the City.  Here’s a quick look at each.


This application involves a request to allow 3 homes to be built along the river on #16 tee box.  While most folks would rather see 2 homes, the 3 building lots in the application are roughly 1/3 of an acre.  The area is zoned R-2 which allows 6 homes per acre, also the 1/3-acre lots are similar in size to the majority of lots in the area.  There was considerable kick back at an original Planning and Zoning Council meeting resulting in the application being continued for 30 days.  Wednesday Planning and Zoning took it up again with vastly different results.  Glass Creek had demonstrated they want to be a good neighbor and worked with the residents on either side of the proposed development.  The residents were obviously impressed with Glass Creeks efforts and Glass Creek’s commitment to continue to work with them.  Neighbors stated they are good with the development.  Planning and Zoning approved the application with some recommendations.   The application for the Preliminary Plat now moves to the City Council and is on their agenda for July 27th.

Regarding CPAFY2020-00005

In a separate application, Glass Creek has filed an application requesting a potential code amendment to Garden City Zoning Code 8-6B-6 Specific Area Plan (SAP) and related code sections.   It would create a Specific Area Plan base zoning district.  Currently the section of the code involving the SAP does not create a base zone district.  It leaves a lot out and would be difficult to work with, for a developer and for the Garden City staff.  There is a need for improvement to the code.

A Specific Area Plan is actually a simple concept.  It does not apply to any particular piece of property.  A developer working with a piece of property that has multiple base zone districts within that property may opt to request the SAP base zone district.  This would involve the developer giving the city a Master Plan, which would go through all the steps any application goes through.  That includes neighborhood meetings, public hearings at the Design Review Committee, Planning & Zoning Commission, and the City Council meetings.  The resulting SAP and its Master Plan, when approved, would become the “Zone Designation”.  The developer, the city staff, and the public would have knowledge of exactly what the property would contain.

Areas within Garden City that would likely make use of a Specific Area Plan include the existing ACHD and ITD properties, Expo Idaho, as well as 8 Neighborhood/Destination Activity Nodes, and 3 Transit Oriented Development Activity Nodes.  The two Activity Nodes were set up by the recent rewrite of the Garden City Comprehensive Plan.  How does that effect Plantation?  Along State Street the Comprehensive Plan calls out a Neighborhood/Destination & a Transit Oriented Development Activity Node.  Glass Creek could, probably would, use a SAP for the stretch of property along State Street.  As requested by the Design Review Committee a SAP must be a minimum of 10-acres.  We have long known that Glass Creek will be doing some sort of development along State Street, hence the redesign of the golf course.  A SAP base zoning district would require Glass Creek provide a Master Plan for the area they include in the SAP.  That is something we would all like to see, most of us are anxious to know what Glass Creek has planned along State Street.

There will be a Neighborhood Meeting held on Zoom Tuesday, July 21st at 7pm to provide information on this application.

The meeting will be held remotely. To view the meeting, please follow the link below:

Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/8188588340 ; Meeting ID: 818 858 8340

The meeting is being held by the applicant, Glass Creek.  Unfortunately, there was an unofficial meeting notice that was circulated around the Plantation HOA residences.   It contains a statement that is not accurate and very misleading. Here is the wording of the actual meeting notice:

"JULY 21, 2020 AT 7:00 PM

This is a notice of a change of date for a neighborhood meeting to remedy a City noticing error.

Bob Taunton, representing Glass Creek, LLC, is requesting a potential code amendment to Garden City Code 8-6B-6 Specific Area Plan (SAP) and related code sections to modify the existing code to correct deficiencies and to establish SAP as a base zoning district. Code sections 8-7A-2 Definitions of Terms; 8-2B-2 Allowed Uses; 8-2B-1 Purpose; and 8-2A-1 Base Zoning Districts Established are proposed to be updated accordingly. (File: CPAFY2020-00005). 

The meeting will be held remotely. To view the meeting, please follow the link below:

Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/8188588340

Meeting ID: 818 858 8340"

Understand the “neighborhood” regarding this requested code change encompasses all of Garden City.

Glass Creek has been making great improvements to the clubhouse, the pool area, and the new bocce ball courts.  Recently some much needed improvements have begun on the golf course as well.  Glass Creek continues to assure us that the golf course will remain and be a much nicer golf course with 18-holes.  Could a SAP be used for the entire golf course property?  Absolutely.  That wouldn’t necessarily mean it would be developed into residences, the SAP could call out the golf course as a green space/golf course.  That would ensure the golf course remains a golf course.  This is our goal, to keep our golf course for years to come, we need some assurance we will always have a golf course.  Of course, there are other ways we could get that assurance.  A conservation easement is another possibility.  The use of a conservation easement has been discussed with and by Glass Creek.

Just so you know, the Save Plantation Coalition is still alive.  We are doing what you requested, and we will keep you informed of any activity we feel affects the Plantation Golf Course.

No, we don’t know what the new name will be.  We will always be the Save Plantation Coalition.

Thanks for your continued support.

Save Plantation Coalition