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First off, developer Will Gustafson failed to close on the deal to purchase Plantation from American Golf at the end of November, which is something he said would happen. The story we’ve been told is that the closing was pushed back at the request of American Golf, which may not make sense. As we are not on the inside, we can only speculate as to what’s going on.

The closing delay has renewed interest in a competing offer from an emerging group of investors, some homeowners and some club members. A small group is working on a letter to American Golf, playing up the possibility of a more profitable offer with fewer complications, politically and logistically. We know a lot of you may want to participate in any such deal — if the group succeeds — but at this point we’ll just have to see if there is any interest from American Golf. If we are lucky and this comes together, there will be ample time to work out all of the fine details of participation.

The legal team is working on a revised Open Land Ordinance after receiving a two-inch thick document dump from Garden City about the land-use zoning for Plantation and its designation in the city’s comprehensive plan. Those things set the ground rules for what kind of development can occur, something we hope to alter with the ordinance. Look for more detail soon and hearings to be scheduled in early 2019.

Want to show your support for Plantation on the front lawn? We have yard signs on order, and expect to have them in before year’s end. We’ll let you know when they come in and how to get them soon.

Lastly, we are being heard at City Hall, loud and clear. In an email this week, a city official referenced the flood of letters, which is motivating Mayor Evans and the City Council to closely follow this issue. Good job, and look for additional requests for letters and emails as the ordinance moves ahead before the Design Review Committee, Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council in coming weeks.

Thanks for your continued support.

5 thoughts on “What we know right now . . .”

  1. Thank you for this information/update. I see “Keep Garden City Green” yard signs up…how do we get them?

    1. Mike,

      Look for an email this week about our next distribution event. And thanks for the good letter in the Statesman on Saturday.

  2. Thanks for the sign at Parilla Grill. I had no idea this was happening. Hook me up with a sign and I’ll stick it in my yard. 🙂

    1. Phil — Please call Mike Nero (530-394-7596) if you’d like to get a sign. Beat the Christmas rush ’cause they are almost all gone.

  3. It was GREAT to see a sign in Riverside Village! I hope we will be getting more signs to distribute throughout Garden City!

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