In the summer of 2018 word came out that American Golf was selling Plantation Golf Course to an entirely unknown group of developers.  At that time the Save Plantation Coalition was formed with the goal of stopping the sale.  It was too little, too late and in December the Plantation Golf Course was sold to Will Gustafson and Glass Creek, LLC.  Since the sale the developer has been clear that at least some of the golf course would face commercial and/or residential development.  

The River Club is the 2nd oldest golf course in Idaho, opening for play June 21, 1917.   The property is the largest open space in Garden City.  There are over 250 homes in the Plantation Subdivision lining the golf course.   Any change to the golf course will forever change the environment and feel that has, for over 100 years, been a part of Garden City and the surrounding neighborhoods.

That is why the Save Plantation Coalition has remained active since 2018 …………………


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In December 2018 Will Gustafson and Glass Creek, LLC purchased the Plantation Golf Course from American Golf.  Gustafson is a developer from Southern California, other members of the Glass Creek, LLC included Michael Hair, a residential developer from Bakersfield, CA, and some of Hair’s family.   Around November 2021 Gustafson worked with Baypoint Advisors, an east coast venture capital group to buy out Hair and formed BPCP River Club, LLC.  The BPCP River Club, LLC became the owners of the recently renamed River Club.

In June 2022 Gustafson selected Lincoln Property Company, a large Texas developer, as the developer he wanted to work with on the development of the golf course.  LB River Club Owner, LLC was formed and became the owner of the entire golf course.

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The owners have made it very clear they need to develop a part of the golf course.  This sets up a couple of possible scenarios.  Will the development stay within the 22.3 acres the developers have presented, or will it grow beyond that?  Will the golf course remain an 18-hole course, or will it be reduced to a 9-hole course, or will the greatest fear of all members and residents happen and the entire golf course be developed?

Keeping the members of The River Club, the Plantation subdivisions residents, and the public up to date and as informed as possible regarding the events is our goal.

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We cannot say what the outcome will be with any certainty.  We must stay current with real information, not information we heard “around the water cooler”.   That is what the Save Plantation Coalition will attempt to do – keep you informed with the best information available.  Sign up now to receive the Save Plantation emails and stay informed.

You can support the effort by staying involved.

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