Golf Course Redesign Work and State Street/Pierce Park Intersection Update


When will the course redesign work begin? That is, when will the course be closed? This is a big question for all of us that enjoy playing the Plantation, er – The River Club course. It’s very tough to pin down a start date for the construction.H ere’s what we know.

Glass Creek has owned the golf course since December 2018. At that time ACHD had a design for widening State Street and redoing the Pierce Park/State Street intersection. In December 2019, Glass Creek and ACHD put in place an agreement to include in the design of the intersection a new entryway into the club. The design work began in January 2020 and construction was scheduled to begin in January 2021.  

Recently ACHD extended the consulting contract with Parametrix for the design of the intersection and widening of State Street. The design work is now scheduled to be completed in April 2022. That includes public input scheduled for December 2021.

ACHD will hold a meeting to present their 5-year plan (FY22-26 Integrated Five-Year Work Plan – IFYWP) Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. This 5-year plan has the construction of the Pierce Park/State Street intersection scheduled to start in the “future” — meaning sometime after 2026. 

Now for the start of construction on the golf course. Glass Creek has committed to begin that part of the project when ACHD begins construction on the Pierce Park/State Street intersection and widening of State Street. Therefore, the golf course construction will happen after 2026, if the 5-year plan remains as currently written.

The July 15th meeting is a public meeting, input from the public is welcome. Here is a link to information on the meeting:

That web page has instructions on how to send in your comments on the IFYWP or the 2021 Budget. The IFYWP is available to view online and comments are now being accepted. The ACHD Board is scheduled to adopt the IFYWP on September 22.  

To summarize:
1. Glass Creek continues to commit to construction work on the golf course when ACHD begins work on the intersection.
2. The design work on the intersection will be completed in April 2022.
3. Construction on the intersection is scheduled for sometime after 2026.
4. The ACHD 5-year plan will be presented July 15th at a public meeting.  Public comments will be accepted until August 20, 2021.

If you want the construction started on the intersection and golf course earlier than 2026 send your comments to ACHD via the link above.

Thanks for your continued support.
Save Plantation Coalition