Draft Preservation Ordinance

Proposal to Protect Open Space

The ordinance before Garden City would provide new safeguards for how open space can be used -- filling a current hole in the city's laws and regulations.

As proposed, the draft law would set the conditions under which a piece of open space could be developed -- as well as what limitations would be expected in terms of intensity (height, number of units, etc.) of any development. Those conditions are meant to preserve the existing function and character represented by the parcel of open space.

Consideration of the ordinance was originally scheduled for early November and December but has been delayed as our attorneys revised the document and city officials gathered information we requested about how Plantation was originally zoned for residential development and how it was designated as parkland and open space in the city's Comprehensive Plan. New hearing dates in the January/February are expected.

The draft ordinance will be the subject of hearings in coming months and ultimately the Garden City Council could consider it by early spring. See details of the proposal below and please consider telling Mayor John Evans and other city officials that you support the preservation of open space.

Check back here for updates on the consideration process. Please help us Keep Garden City Green.